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Youth Mental Health

A holistic approach in mental health care for children and youth emphasizes addressing emotional, social, and environmental factors to promote overall well-being and resilience. Currently accepting youth ages 5-17.

Radiant Futures: Nurturing Holistic Well-Being in Youth Mental Health

Empowering Young Minds Through Comprehensive Care – Where Biological, Psychological, and Social Elements Unite for Resilience and Flourishing

Embracing a holistic approach to youth mental health treatment involves a deep understanding of interconnected factors shaping their well-being. This includes recognizing the influence of biopsychosocial development, encompassing biological and psychological factors, as well as the impact of family, peer relationships, and the school environment. Cultural sensitivity and identity, early intervention, family involvement, and the incorporation of creative therapeutic modalities further contribute to a comprehensive strategy for supporting youth mental health. By addressing these considerations collectively, mental health professionals can cultivate resilient and flourishing futures for young individuals.


Elevating Understanding, Empowering Results: Valuable Resources for Strengthening Youth Mental Health Knowledge and Well-Being

What age group do you care for?

I commonly care for youth between the ages of 10-17. I do have experience working with youth under the age of ten who require medication management for ADHD and conduct disorders. I do not provide care for psychotic disorders in youth. 

Do I need to be present for my youth's sessions?

We ensure accessibility and convenience for our patients and their families during televisits. For patients aged 16 and above, a parent can participate remotely via video conference. However, for younger patients, a parent or guardian must be physically present in the same location during the session.

What do I do if my youth refuses to join the session?

With extensive experience as a pediatric ER and inpatient behavioral health nurse, I have successfully worked with children and adolescents. My primary objective is to establish a strong connection with my patients in every interaction, ensuring they feel at ease. Together, we will proceed at your child's pace, delivering the care they require and deserve.

What are the privacy limitations of my youth's sessions?

In many regions, the age of consent to treatment for reproductive health, substance use treatment, and mental health interventions. I will collaborate with you and your adolescent to identify the most effective approach for incorporating you into the treatment plan, ultimately improving the outcomes of the treatment. In cases where your child is a danger to self or others, privacy may be legally breached. 

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