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After years of working bedside in the healthcare system, I realized the evident lack of a holistic approach to treating mental illness. This epiphany marked a turning point in my career, prompting me to seek a role beyond the confines of a registered nurse. Frustrated by the limitations of merely following orders influenced by healthcare costs and profits, I yearned to have a broader impact on patient outcomes. Becoming a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner was an obvious choice, providing the leverage I needed to make a true difference.

I recognized the profound importance of patients having access to community providers who genuinely care about their recovery journey. True support extends beyond the constraints of inpatient care. My work as a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) further underscored the ongoing care and support survivors of trauma need throughout their lifespan, solidifying my commitment to a holistic approach to mental health care. Now, armed with a diverse set of skills and a passion for comprehensive healing, I am dedicated to making a meaningful difference in the lives of those seeking support and recovery.

From Bedside Nursing to Transformative Psychiatric Practice

A Journey to Holistic Mental Health Care

succulent on a desk in Bethesda, Maryland

Get to Know Me

Mone’t Ince-Amara is a board-certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner dedicated to enhancing the well-being of adolescent girls and women facing mental health challenges. Specializing in trauma-informed care, Mone’t employs integrative and functional approaches to transform the treatment of conditions such as depression, anxiety, and disordered eating. She earned her Master’s in Nursing from Walden University in 2019 and is licensed to practice in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia.

With over a decade of experience as a registered nurse, Mone’t has specialized in Sexual Assault Nurse Examination and worked in various hospital settings, gaining valuable insights into trauma care and emergency services. Her commitment to mental health extends to volunteering as a crisis counselor for survivors of domestic violence, sexual trauma, human trafficking, strangulation, and child abuse. Mone’t is passionate about transforming mental health care and providing compassionate support to those in need.

Mone't Ince-Amara in Bethesda, Maryland

Our Mission, Values, and Vision

Our Core Principles and Aspirations. Committed to Holistic, Compassionate Mental Health Care.


Our mission is to provide compassionate, holistic mental health care that empowers youth and women to achieve optimal well-being. We integrate evidence-based psychiatric practices with lifestyle interventions to address the whole person, fostering healing and resilience.


  • Compassion: We treat every patient with empathy, understanding, and respect.

  • Holistic Care: We believe in addressing the mental, physical, and emotional aspects of health.

  • Integrity: We adhere to the highest ethical standards in all our interactions and treatments.

  • Innovation: We continuously seek and apply the latest advancements in psychiatric care and lifestyle medicine.

  • Empowerment: We empower our patients with knowledge and support to take control of their mental health journey.

  • Community: We are committed to building a supportive, inclusive community for our patients and staff.


Our vision is to transform mental health care by leading the way in holistic, integrative practices. We aspire to create a world where every individual has access to compassionate, comprehensive mental health services that promote long-term well-being and recovery. Through innovation, education, and community engagement, we aim to set a new standard in psychiatric care that prioritizes the whole person.

Let's Work

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4701 Sangamore Rd N100

Bethesda, MD 20816


Getting Started



Office Hours

Mon - Fri: 9 am - 5 pm

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